Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 1: Project Run and Play

This was my remix of the Junebug dress from Craftiness is Not Optional (CINO). It was for Project Run and Play. Miss S really liked her dress. It had a big twirly skirt and something to keep her arms warm.

I used the angled bodice and sliced it to make the bolero out of old jeans of mine and lengthened the sleeves.

The dress has a shortened bodice, with lace added to the neckline. The skirt part has some gathered pickups to showcase the white lining underneath.

I think she could wear this for either valentines day or 4th of July (the dress is sleeveless).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Confidence issues

I had to sew today. I feel like I suck at sewing. I am extremely limited time wise. I don't know what skills I should have already mastered in these few years.

Today's dress went well. I am pleased with it.

This sew-at-home competition is bringing out the worst in me. Ugh.

Here's my small victory for today.

From the thoughts of a RDW